How to Become the Top of the List on Google and Other Search Engines?
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How to Become the Top of the List on Google and Other Search Engines?

If you are a business owner or an employee who was curious of the importance of appearing on the first page of google, you came to the right place. It is important to know that Google has the power of reading your website content and background coding. In other words, Google has a robot randomly going to many websites and crawling the data, coding, urls, pictures and others to give the best matching result for its clients.

To have a better understanding of the situation let’s try to learn 3 definitions:

  1. Paid Ads: these are ads that appear on the top of Google Search. Companies advertise their services or products by paying only when people click on the link. The click cost varies depending on the keyword. However, you can choose where and when to show these ads. For example: show an Ad for IT SERVICES results only in the OZAUKEE COUNTY from 7am to 7pm.

  2. google ads image

  3. Business Map: Having your business on Google Maps makes it much easier for clients to know about you. It is an easy way to make your search engine optimization (SEO) become locally developed. Choosing the right categories and setting it up properly can be huge for your business goals, especially if your clients are near you. However, it is also great for clients near or far from you to find your business listing.

  4. google my business results can help with local seo

  5. Organic Search: This is important! Appearing on google organically means that you are appearing through natural methods. Paying google is not going to help you to appear on first page organically. However, by doing some search engine optimization, it can be a game changer for your business. Search engines want the best match result for their clients and the quality of your website and content will make google choose you to be on the first page. These are some details that can help you appearing on the first page organically:

    • Quality content with quality level of keywords

    • Responsive website - works on mobile devices

    • Page loading speed

    • Domain name authority

    • Secure pages (HTTPS)

    • A blog with rich content and regular updates

    • Data markups


organic search is the best way to acquire new clients

SEO vs Google Ad:

A website with a good number of organic/natural results has free traffic from google. It means that google is, and will be, looking closely to your website coding, content and images. Furthermore, it is a great way to make your company visible, however, it takes up to six months.

On the other hand, Google Ads will instantaneously rank you higher, however it can be costly and it is not natural. Each click can cost from $1 to $120 depending of the location and chosen keywords. It is important to know that with Google Ads you will need professional help to get the right traffic inside your website.

Search Example Overview:

google search results mequon wisconsin

But What Should I Do? SEO or Google Ads?

They are both completely different services with the purpose of getting more visitors to your website. However, at this point, we both know that having a website without SEO is not a good option nowadays. Just having a website does not help potential clients to find you, however, having a website with SEO helps you to become more visible for potential clients. Therefore, it is essential to have a SEO services for your business website.

In addition, Google Ads campaigns can also make you to be seen on the top of the paid list if you are willing to pay for it. It can be a great way to acquire clients if it is set up the right way. Finally, always keep in mind that giving your audience high quality content on your website is the most powerful tool. Doing all the SEO steps and Google Ads campaigns will not be enough to solely win a new client or to became visible on the web. Try to see your services through your potential clients’ eyes and always evaluate to quality of your content.

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