Douglas Bluma

DJ Bluma

Background: DJ Bluma, Co-Founder and President. DJ is originally from the Milwaukee area where he developed a strong interest in computing at an early age (at 14 he built his first computer!). After working in the Small Business Development Center at WCTC, he formed his own website design business (Local Web Design) and network services business (Lean Tech Systems) in 2009. Local Web Design and Lean Tech were later merged in January 2018 to form Badgerland IT. Most recently, he was an application development team leader at North Shore Bank where he gained valuable experience with applications, databases and the security aspects of banking. DJ's hobbies include automobile racing, poker, sports and travel. DJ oversees all Badgerland IT activities including WheeliWorld, web development, network implementations and technology innovations.

Creds: Computer Network Specialist Associates Degree from Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) with an Advanced Technical Certificate in Computer Networking; BS in Computer Science from Lakeland College

Steve Nye

Steve Nye

Background: Steven H. Nye, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Vice-President of Operations. A native of Wisconsin, Steve studied scientific research at the University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University (Chicago, Illinois). He has led drug discovery efforts at several start-ups in the biotechnology field, most recently to develop a new therapeutic for Multiple Sclerosis at ENDECE (Mequon, WI). Steve brings years of operational expertise to Badgerland IT through these experiences. He is also a Co-Founder of VaxPro, a leading provider of vaccinations and other wellness services in Wisconsin. At Badgerland IT, Steve is responsible for developing new business concepts along with building the infrastructure necessary to scale-up and commercialize information technology services. Steve enjoys backpacking, camping and commuting to Badgerland IT each morning on his bicycle.

Creds: Northwestern University, Ph.D. in Cell, Molecular & Structural Biology; UW-Madison, B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Jay Plavnick

Background: Jay Plavnick, RPH, Co-Founder and Vice-President of Sales. After Jay earned his pharmacy degree from the University of Wisconsin, he practiced in retail pharmacy for over 35 years, providing patients with health care products and wellness care. During this time, Jay became an expert at vaccinations which led him to conceive and implement VaxPro’s business strategy for onsite employer group clinics. Jay is a Co-Founder and president of VaxPro. He enjoys playing poker and golfing with friends, attending sporting events for his favorite Wisconsin sports teams, and is a great nature lover. At Badgerland IT, Jay is responsible for directing the sales and marketing efforts along with developing the customer relations program.

Creds: UW-Madison, B.S. in Pharmacy