Data Backup
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Data Backup

Why should you recover your data?

Before making recommendations about why you should backup and recover your data, let’s review commonly used data backup storage:

  • 1951 - Punch cards with UNIVAC I
  • 1960s - Magnetic Tapes and Tape Backup
  • 1970s/1980s – Floppy Disk
  • 1985/ 1990s- CD-R/RW and DVD’s
  • 1998 – USB Storages
  • 2006 – Blu-ray and HD-DVD
  • Modern: Server and Cloud Backup

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Unlike before, nowadays it is cheaper to backup a large amount of data with servers and cloud-based methods. Furthermore, with the continued dependence on electronic data by most business and general users, the threat of losing this data has created a huge value for having a fool-proof, data recovery plan in place. For example, many business spend hours producing and/or collecting data to evaluate the market, to estimate growth, to keep records, and/or to develop strategies. In another words, data has became money and a data backup system is the best kind of insurance for protecting your business.

But what is a data backup?

Data backup is the simple process of copying your data to a safe place such that your company will be able to easily recover it should there be a natural or physical disaster, or a virtual theft occur.

Why should my business have a data recovery plan?

  • - to keep your data safe at all times (e.g. data can be backed up multiple times each day)
  • - to easily recover your data to stay in business and remain competitive (e.g. data can be recovered and your systems restored quickly) 
  • - In case of a disaster, you save money and time on recovery (e.g. no re-do's necessary with a data recovery program) 

It is important to back up your business data, losing it means to lose time and money spent to regenerate it; however most importantly, always having your businesses complete data in hand increases  your capability to compete on the market and keep in touch with your clients.

It is never too late to create a data backup plan, so don't wait for disaster to happen! Let’s start your business's data backup. We will give you a quote.


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